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How it works

Successful Sales
Most people like to have bottled drinks in the refrigerator or cooler for when they’re thirsty, so in a way, Alexander’s Beverages almost sell themselves. 

But it’s good to be prepared to answer questions when you talk to people who are thinking about buying. Adults may ask about why you are selling, what are the goals for your group, and what you like about the drinks. Your group leaders can help you have these kinds of answers ready. Last but not least, a good salesperson is always polite. Remember to say thank you, even if someone decides not to buy!

Having Fun
We think you’ll find that talking with people while you’re selling Alexander’s Beverages can be fun. Not everyone will say “yes,” but many will! Most people will want to support your sport activity, and every “yes” will get you closer to your team goal. If you go house to house and make your sales calls with a friend or two, or a family member, you’ll have more confidence. Always remember these Safety Rules – a parent should know where you are at all times, and never go into someone’s house or car.  Be safe, and have fun selling our great drinks!

Reach your Goals
Whether it’s new uniforms, equipment, or whatever your team or group decides, Alexander’s Beverages wants to help you make your goal. The more cases of our beverages you sell, the more you earn for your group!

All you need to do when you go selling (always with your parent’s permission) is download and print the Order Card form, bring it with you along with a pen, and an envelope for keeping payments in one place. Ask your customers to fill in their order on the order form and pay you for the full amount due.

Like most families, we have children and their friends who are engaged in various sports activities, from Soccer to Baseball, Basketball, Football, from Little League teams to high school athletics. I started thinking about how these wonderful groups so often need to raise money, but lack the funding means of larger organizations – and so, the Alexander’s Beverage Program was born!

We make it easy

No meetings, no administrative paperwork, no driving around to pick up and deliver product. All we need are completed order forms and payments– we deliver to each customer’s door in New Jersey or Staten Island.

Set your goal

“If only we had—“ fill in the blank with something your group or team has been wishing for, figure out an approximate cost, and do the math to set a sales goal. We’ll do everything we can to help you meet that goal!

Start selling

Decide on a timeframe for your team sale: Two weeks?A month? It’s all up to you. Or talk to us about purchasing cases to sell by the bottle at all your games and events!

Reach your potential

After the sale and delivery are completed, Alexander’s sends your designated representative a check for the funds you’ve earned.

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